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Know your risks, protect
your health & live your life...
with comprehensive testing and
personalized guidance and support.

At Health Dynamics, we’ve been leading the way in preventive healthcare since the 1980s. We’ve done this by being focused solely and completely on profiling individuals’ health... and by going above and beyond to help them achieve it. This exclusive focus has enabled us to offer one of the most thorough annual preventive health exams you’ll ever have and to develop a comprehensive profile of your health. It also is the origin of our commitment to your optimal health and to empowering you with information, guidance and detailed, one-on-one counseling that are essential to living a healthy, happy and productive life!

Helping you take charge of your health...
Exceptionally thorough prevention-based health exam
Individualized health profile
Personal health status reporting to your doctor
Customized coaching/counseling
100% covered with no out-of-pocket costs
Start it all with just one call
Testing Coaching No Cost One Call